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Expert Consulting Services for University Research Groups, Not-for-Profit Organizations,
Governments, Plaintiffs' Attorneys, Community Groups, and Green Companies

CIPI's goal is to provide scientific advice and expertise in the biological and physical sciences for not-for-profits, university research groups, governments, citizen groups, plaintiffs' attorneys, and green businesses.

Founded in 1984 by Jan Beyea, Ph.D., CiPI is now a web-based, "virtual" organization that puts together public-interest scientists with people and institutions that need them. However, we seek no new clients; 80-90% of our work is pro bono. CiPI has a core team of six scientific consultants (CiPI associates)who have worked together regularly on projects that interest them, and a network of twelve other scientists who join in projects sporadically. Since problems of ecology and environmental impacts respect no scientific boundaries, CiPI maintains a still larger network within the academic community that allows us to tap whatever expertise is needed to solve a problem. CiPI regulary identifies and recruits scientific experts to assist injured plaintiffs who are involved in complex litigation.

CIPI associates have no formal connection to each other, beyond working together on interesting projects from time to time.

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Contacting Us

If you want to learn more about CiPI, please complete our contact information page and one of our staff will contact you. You may also contact us directly at the address or telephone number listed below.

Consulting in the Public Interest
Box 220
Lambertville, NJ 08530
(609) 397-2370
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